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Many types of 'Big Cat' are under threat of extinction because of hunting, poaching and natural habitat destruction. As an example, there are currently between 3-4,000 known tigers living in the wild compared to an estimated 100,000 at the beginning of the 20th Century. The tiger is the largest cat species and can reach a total body length of around 3.3 metres (11 feet) and weigh up to 306 kilogrammes (670 pounds). There have been numerous beautiful stamps issued depicting various forms of the 'Big Cat'.

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1894, Definitives 7v

Hauptprodukt: seh0001 Land: Äthiopien Jahr: 1894 Nr. Yvert: 1/7 Nr. Michel: 1/7

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1916, Oubangui-Chari-Tschad, Red cross 1v

Hauptprodukt: scjoc18 Land: Zentralafrika Jahr: 1916 Nr. Michel: 18

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